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iPhone X review



The iPhone X is now in stores. The iPhone X is clearly the best iPhone ever made. It’s thin, it’s powerful, it has ambitious ideas about what cameras on phones can be used for, and it pushes the design language of phones into a strange new place. It is a huge step forward in terms of phone hardware, and it has the notch to show for it

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Market On Wheels – Our Top Picks From Singapore’s First Container Market



Market On Wheels is a new collaboration between Bugis Junction and Bugis+ that features a container playground with a variety of food stalls. Running till 8 July 2018 & till 15 July at Bugis+, expect to feast on delectable food and drinks while catching live music performances and World Cup screenings!

During the day, the containers are the perfect backdrop for your photos, however during the evening/night is the best time to fulfill your photo-taking desires.

Be greeted with the countless fairy lights and neon installations around the market while munching on your favourite foods.

Here are our top picks from the market:


1. Fries X Fries ($6) from Fries X Fries

This snack comes with 3 different types of fries, namely regular, spam and sweet potato. Enjoy a good balance of sweetness and savoriness in this three-in-one dish. The highlight was definitely the spam fries which added a heartiness to the snack. If this combination of fries isn’t for you, each of the individual fries are also available for your snacking pleasure.

Out of the six sauces available, my personal favourite was the Special Aioli which was creamy, garlic-y and full of flavour. If you want something that packs a punch try the Super Spicy Thai Chilli for a kick of spice. Lastly, for something universal that goes with all the fries, the Nachos Cheese is the way to go.

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All fries come with one sauce but additional portions of sauce are priced at $0.50.

2. Yakiniku Ribeye Beef ($10) from The Swag Social

Reminiscent of the Taiwanese flaming beef cubes, the Yakiniku Ribeye Beef from The Swag Social is hearty and tasty. The yakinuku sauce really shone through, with a strong soy flavour.

The beef itself was tender, juicy and made us want more with each bite. However, for $10, it is a little pricey for the portion given but it’s still delicious nonetheless,

3. Prawn Paste Chicken ($12) from Abracowdabra

Prawn Paste Chicken, or more affectionately known as Har Cheong Kai are chicken wings marinated in prawn paste before being deep fried. For $12, you get 4 wings and drumlets at Abracowdabra. The wings themselves were crispy and light, without a strong greasy flavour.

The dish is served with 2 dipping sauces – a Thai chilli and a kecap manis (sweet soy) sauce. The Thai chilli was especially spicy while the dark sauce was a well-balanced mix of sweet, salty, spicy and sour from the kick of lime. I recommend having the wings with the kecap manis any day.

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4. Mango Sticky Rice ($6.50) from Rattana Thai Restaurant

Having tried and enjoyed food from this stall at Artbox Singapore 2018, I was pleasantly surprised to see them opening a booth at MOW. This time, I tried the dessert – Mango Sticky Rice. The portion consisted of around half a mango and a small mound of sticky rice.

The mango was a little tart which cut through the richness of the sticky rice well. Personally, I prefer my mangoes slightly tangy than completely sweet. However, I think the dessert fell a little short without a drizzle of coconut milk to tie it all together. A good dessert to share!

Apart from eating, live World Cup matches will also be screen for free so join in the crowds of fans to cheer on your favourite teams! There are 2 screens and multiple speakers around to you can be assured to catch the action just as it happens.

Do head down and let us know what you think!


Address: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, S188021

Date: 8 June 2018 – 8 July 2018

Opening Hours: 11 am – 9 pm

Social Media: Facebook

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Ready Player One: A dynamic adventure



If you’ve ever wanted to get a fairly realistic idea of what our near future would look like, Steven Spielberg’s new adaptation of popular young adult novel, Ready Player One, is your best bet.

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Set in 2044, viewers are introduced to a world where global warming and overpopulation have become so bad that people live in stacked and cramped trailers and battle extreme pollution. To escape the dire conditions of the real world, citizens turn to a virtual world called the OASIS.

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The OASIS is a virtual reality game created by James Halliday. The game allows people to escape and immerse themselves fully into a virtual society where they can interact with other players, play games and earn coins.

Before he died, James Halliday (Rylance), the creator of OASIS, announced that he had hidden three keys in his virtual reality game. The idea was that whoever found those three keys first, would unlock the Easter egg and inherit his entire fortune as well as control of OASIS.

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

The story, based on Earnest Cline’s novel, follows Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) and his friends, Aech (Lena Waithe), brothers Sho (Philip Zhao) and Daito (Win Morisaki) and Art3mis (Olivia Cooke)  as they try to find this Easter egg before the evil IOI company does.

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Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

When it comes to Steven Spielberg, I trust everything he puts out. Ready Player One was, thankfully, no exception. The dynamic screenplay and intricate details certainly reinforced Spielberg as one of the best directors out there.

The film itself presents a glorious mix of drama, action, romance and humour all in one. It would be hard to find an audience that this movie does not please.

In an ode to millennials, Spielberg infuses many pop culture references into the film. From Minecraft to recreating The Shining, viewers will enjoy spotting their favourites in the movie.

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

While the film’s overarching message is that we need to disconnect and spend time really living in the real world, Spielberg fails in making us believe that  reality truly is better. He turns the OASIS into this extremely glamorous and action-packed place so that every time we are pulled back into reality, there is a sense of disappointment to some extent. I mean, who can believe that reality is better when the OASIS has epic races that involve dinosaurs and giant gorillas?

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

The only part of the film that I found weak was the romance between Samantha (Art3mis) and Wade. Their relationship felt very forced especially at the beginning and it was highly unrealistic considering how quickly they fell in love. However, the equal balance of love and friendship in their relationship as the managed to salvage a situation that would have been altogether very cringe.

So if you’re looking for a light-hearted film which packs a punch, Ready Player One opens in theatres on 29th March.

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