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Japan Spring Fever Sweeps Gardens by the Bay and turns it into ‘magical forest’



Come and relish in Japan Fever here in Gardens by the Bay this 2018!

It will be a great place for dates and gatherings to soak in the annual cherry blossom display at Gardens by the Bay. Japanese dolls will be planted among the flowers in an unprecedented move, to evoke the feel of a “magical sakura forest”, said Gardens by the Bay’s senior assistant director of flower field design, Marziah Haji Omar.


“We have this big teahouse as the centre of the display – as if it’s a sakura forest – which will host tea ceremonies,” she told Channel NewsAsia ahead of the cherry blossom display’s debut on 16th March 2018. “Then there is also a smaller teahouse with dolls, which will fit the theme of ‘Imagination’.”

There are plenty of photogenic spots for selfie and we-fie lovers!

Guests entering the Flower Dome will be greeted by a large Tori gate framed by large trees from Japan.

Visitors can also admire smaller cherry blossoms and head into a Kyoto-style setting with ball-jointed dolls while soaking in the scenic view.

You can expect 10 dolls on display at the Flower Dome’s Sakura Matsuri.

Organisers went to great lengths to recreate the signature gates that lead to the landmark Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. The gates are seen as a path between the human and divine worlds and make for a nice backdrop for a photo with the dolls.

Avid doll collector Ethan Ng was the brains behind the doll display. The 35-year-old tutor said he first started collecting ball-jointed dolls in 2009 and now has about 50 such dolls of different sizes.

Six of the 10 dolls on display belongs to Mr Ng. The remaining four dolls belong to his friends, who also helped with the set-up at Gardens by the Bay.

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Each doll is about 60cm tall and Mr Ng added that the props have been scaled to fit their height.

He told Channel NewsAsia each doll on display costs about S$1,000 and his favourite one set him back S$1,200.

“The dolls being displayed here are all dressed in traditional Japanese clothes to fit the overall theme. They are the newest and the most presentable that we have. They have glass eyes which make them look more realistic and less cartoonish,” he said.

“Other dolls sometimes have eyes painted on.”

Mr Ng was spotted by one of the Gardens by the Bay directors at last year’s cherry blossom exhibition when he was posing with his friends together with their dolls among the flowers for photos. This chance encounter led him to create this year’s doll display.

“He invited us to take part this year and of course we agreed,” said Mr Ng. “For us doll collectors, it’s a great pleasure and honour to be here.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase these dolls to the public, dressed in their finest, so that hopefully many people will like the dolls, like what they see.”


Gardens by the Bay also had the help of Japanese sakura consultant Satoshi Kokubun from Grefica. He oversaw the placement of 23 species of cherry blossoms that will progressively bloom at the Flower Dome over the period from 16th March 2018 to 8th April 2018.

Some blooms to look out for include the Prunus “Snow Fountain” and the Fuji Shidare, he said.

The Snow Fountain is from Kyoto and its weeping-like structure and pure white flowers give the impression of snow falling.

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The Fuji Shidare is unique because of its slanted growth and is greatly loved in Japan by those who see beauty in its asymmetry. The tree needs to be pruned yearly, compared to normal sakura trees which need little maintenance.

The Somei Yoshino is the most popular cherry blossom, which can be seen in Washington and several parts of Tokyo. Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms only bloom for a week in early April, and were brought over to Singapore for this event.

Mr Satoshi said that he hopes visitors to this year’s display can enjoy the transient beauty of the sakura.

“I want Singaporeans and visitors to enjoy that feeling. I want them to remember their good memories created at the event with the sakura – with their family, friends and partners,” he told Channel NewsAsia.

He added that even though there are about 500 types of cherry blossoms in Japan, it is rare to have so many species on display at the same time.

Temperatures within the dome have been kept to around 19°C to prolong the life of the blossoms, offering a picturesque way to beat the heat.

As the event will run from now till 8th April 2018, organisers said the staggered blooming of the sakura will mean visitors have different photos opportunities each time they swing by.

Sakura Matsuri is on from now till 8th April 2018, daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm at Supertree Grove and Flower Dome. The event is free; admission charges to Flower Dome applies.

For more information, visit here and here.

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MOS Burger to open at Waterway Point in Aug 2019



Easties rejoice! It seems that a new MOS Burger outlet will soon be opening at Waterway Point in August this year.

The famous fast food chain is still under construction at the mall where pictures were snapped.

Photo credit: Singapore Atrium Sale

The construction signage claimed that this new MOS burger outlet will be opening in August so you’ll be able to get your fix really soon.

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Photo credit: Singapore Atrium Sale

The restaurant will be located at B1 next to Breadtalk.

The new MOS burger outlet will not be alone though. Famous Fillipino fast food joint, Jollibee, recently opened a new branch in the mall on the same level to massive queues.

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Jollibee is finally open at Waterway Point and the queues are insane




It is no secret that Singaporeans love their fried chicken, especially the ones from the famous Filipino fast-food chain, Jollibee.

When people heard that an outlet would be opening at Waterway Point on 18 July (Friday), you can bet that many people were pretty excited about the news.

And to show their enthusiasm, some people started queueing outside the store from as early as 7.30am.

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Jollibee snapped some pictures of the insane queues and shared them on Facebook to show everyone how well-loved their fried chicken is.

One reason for the long queues was that the first 100 people in the line were entitled to the very adorable Jollibee pillows. The lucky first 5 customers managed to walk away with the limited edition Jollibee Funko POP! Figurine.

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So, if you’re a fried chicken lover and you live near Waterway Point, you definitely need to check Jollibee’s new outlet out (maybe after the queues have died down)!

Address: 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828763
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Punggol

Photo credits: Jollibee Singapore

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Famous Burger Joint Five Guys is opening an outlet in Singapore by end of 2019




Queued 2 hours for Shake Shack but it didn’t quite make the cut? Fret not as you can look forward to sinking your teeth into another popular American burger joints burgers pretty soon.

Five Guys is slated to open an outlet at Plaza Singapura by the end of 2019 and they will most likely be situated near the main atrium at the ground level of the mall.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know what Five Guys are, they essentially are a burger joint that specialises in outrageously juicy and lip-smackingly good burgers that are made from 100% freshly ground beef.

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The brand has 8 burgers on their menu which ranges from the classic Cheeseburger to the more sinful Bacon Cheeseburger.

One thing that makes Five Guys so popular is the fact that you are given the freedom to choose as many toppings as you please; from tangy relish to juicy grilled mushrooms, you’ll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice!

We are unsure if the Singapore menu will be the same as their American counterpart but we are sure that either way, it’ll taste amazing!

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