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Space for Humanity is sending 10,000 citizen astronauts to space for FREE!



Disclaimer: This is 100% true, not fake news, it’s legitimate.

Our goal at Space for Humanity is to send 10,000 ordinary citizens into space.People just like YOU.No experience

Posted by Space for Humanity on Thursday, 22 March 2018

Did you know that it costs $40 million dollars to send one person to space?

And here’s a fact: To date, only 536 people have traveled to space and the vast majority have been men from a handful of nations. Dylan Taylor, a space industry angel investor and SpaceNews columnist,  is eager to share the experience with 10,000 people through a nonprofit organization, Space for Humanity, that will pay for the trips.

“We are going to mint new astronauts from all communities,” Taylor said on 27th June 2018 at the annual NewSpace conference. “We want to influence public policy and opinion… by changing the mindset.”

(Mr Dylan Taylor, a space industry angel investor and SpaceNews Columnist)

Space for Humanity is beginning to gather nominations through its website for people from diverse backgrounds to travel to space or near space and return to Earth to serve as ambassadors who can share their experiences.

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“We are not going to send multimillionaire white males who can afford to go,” Taylor said. “When those people come back and talk about their experience, someone who lives in New Delhi who makes $1 a day is not necessarily going to relate to that experience. We need to send someone from their community who can share their experience.”

Through its efforts, Space for Humanity intends to increase global funding for space. “People will come back and influence their communities to get excited about space,” Taylor said. “Space funding will increase because people will see the benefit it has to the way people relate to the world, the way people relate to problems and the way people view themselves.”

Space for Humanity is considering purchasing rides for participants in World View Enterprises’ high-altitude balloon and Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle because both will give “diverse participants a group experience,” Taylor said.

Taylor and a group of donors he cannot yet name plan to provide Space for Humanity with initial funding of $10 million over 24 months. “Successful missions will help us raise additional funding,” Taylor told SpaceNews.

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What do you think about this new and highly ambitious initiative? Go ahead and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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About Space for Humanity:

Space for Humanity will mean different things to different people. For the non-profit organisation, it means leveraging the power of space to improve humanity for our world by providing an experience that will expand an individual’s perspective on what it means to be a human on mother earth. Individuals who are selected must be willing advocates for the growth of the commercial space industry and have the capacity to both understand and communicate that the intent of the Worldview trip is to give them a rare gift, the gift of perspective.


Apply now before you miss this once in a lifetime opportunity at:

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Jollibee is finally open at Waterway Point and the queues are insane




It is no secret that Singaporeans love their fried chicken, especially the ones from the famous Filipino fast-food chain, Jollibee.

When people heard that an outlet would be opening at Waterway Point on 18 July (Friday), you can bet that many people were pretty excited about the news.

And to show their enthusiasm, some people started queueing outside the store from as early as 7.30am.

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Jollibee snapped some pictures of the insane queues and shared them on Facebook to show everyone how well-loved their fried chicken is.

One reason for the long queues was that the first 100 people in the line were entitled to the very adorable Jollibee pillows. The lucky first 5 customers managed to walk away with the limited edition Jollibee Funko POP! Figurine.

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So, if you’re a fried chicken lover and you live near Waterway Point, you definitely need to check Jollibee’s new outlet out (maybe after the queues have died down)!

Address: 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828763
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Punggol

Photo credits: Jollibee Singapore

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Singapore’s first and only Hello Kitty themed cafe to shut down in 2019



All good things come to an end — and so it shall be with Hello Kitty. Not the actual character of course, but the themed cafe inspired by the iconic feline character at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Earlier today, the 24-hour eatery announced in a Facebook post that they will officially shut its doors for good on February 8, 2019.

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Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore / Facebook

This piece of news came as a shock to Hello Kitty’s throng of diehard fans, who queued up for hours on the cafe’s opening day in May 2016 just to snap selfies with the beloved character. No statement has been issued as to why Hello Kitty Orchard Garden would be closing down, but according to operator Europa Specialty Restaurant, an end of licensing and partnership with Sanrio is the reason for closure.

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Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore / Facebook

To mark its departure, the cafe will be throwing tea parties over two weekends in December. It’ll be all fun and games, and don’t forget to savour their feline-shaped waffles and smoked salmon quiche for one last time.

Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore / Facebook

However, be prepared to spend. A ticket for two sells at $138, and it comes with food and drinks, limited edition Orchids For You figurines and exclusive thank-you cards autographed by Hello Kitty herself.

Guess goodbye really comes at a cost. Buy your tickets here.

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Popular influencer NasDaily releases video celebrating Singapore



After making a surprise announcement that he was coming to Singapore to film a video, popular travel vlogger NasDaily releases a one miniature long video celebrating all the things we take for granted as citizens of the little red dot.

Nas is famously known for his daily one minute videos which he uploads on his Facebook page, NasDaily. The influencer is known for travelling all over the world and learning about cultures and practices and then making videos about them to educate his viewers.

On Tuesday (21 Aug), Nas put out a post on Facebook announcing that he was visiting Singapore on 22 August and asked fans to gather outside the Singapore Indoor Stadium to be part of his video.

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On the day, over 700 people turned up to be part of this experience.

The video, which was released on 23 August, is entitled “Why I Hate Singapore” and it basically celebrates Singapore’s ethnic diversity as well as many things that Singaporeans take for granted such as the food and the fact that we have drinkable and clean water running from our taps.

While the video acknowledged problems Singaporeans face such as inequality and the high cost of living, it did so in a way that glossed over the problems and encouraged people to appreciate what we have.

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At the event meet up itself, which was changed from outside the Esplanade to the Singapore Sports Hub, which agreed to help the star to shoot his video without break-in any anti-gathering laws, participants got to enjoy Nas’s highly energetic self.

The vlogger talked with fans and gave them a glimpse into what producing his videos took.

Despite the crowd, fans were thrilled to be part of this journey with Nas.

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